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Gazprom Neft is a vertically integrated oil company; its main activities are exploration and development of oil and gas fields, oil refining, and the production and marketing of oil products. The company is the leader by efficiency of the Russian oil industry.

In 2017 Gazprom Neft achieved the record-breaking financial results, earning the highest profit in its history. In order to achieve strategic goals the company relies on technological development, implements advanced solutions.

The structure of Gazprom Neft includes more than 70 oil producing, refining and marketing enterprises in Russia and in the countries near and far abroad. As of December 31, 2017 the total hydrocarbon reserves of Gazprom Neft (inclusive of the share in joint ventures) of the "proved" and "probable" categories (proved + probable —2P) in accordance with international SPE-PRMS standards were 2.78 billion tons of oil equivalent.

The company shows one of the best production/processing ratio in the Russian industry. In terms of liquid hydrocarbon production, Gazprom Neft is among three largest companies in Russia.

LUKOIL is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated public oil and gas companies, it accounts for over 2% of global crude oil production and around 1% of the world’s proved hydrocarbon reserves.

LUKOIL Group core busines includes exploration and development of oil and gas fields, production, marketing and distribution of petroleum products and petrochemicals, as well as power generation.

The Company is a key player in Russia’s fuel and energy complex, providing over 15% of the country’s oil production and refining.

The Company operates in over 30 countries worldwide, continuously expanding its global presence.

SIBUR is the largest Russian integrated petrochemical company.

The Group produces and sells petrochemical products in two business segments in the Russian and international markets: olefins and polyolefins (polypropylene, polyethylene, BOPP, etc.); plastics, elastomers and intermediate products (synthetic rubbers, expanded polystyrene, PET, etc.).

Petrochemical industries are provided mainly with their own raw materials produced by the fuel and raw materials segment on the basis of the oil and gas recovery by-products purchased from oil and gas companies.

The Company's client portfolio includes more than 1400 large consumers in the automotive, construction, consumer, medical, food, fuel, chemical and other industries in 80 countries all over the world. Total number of the Group's employees exceeds 27 thousand people.

In December 2017, SIBUR announced the launch of a digital transformation that will provide the company with a new level of efficiency through the modernization of production, organizational, business processes and the use of the latest achievements of the fourth industrial revolution. Digital transformation is carried out in three directions – advanced analytics (use of large data for decision making), digitalization of processes (simplification using applications, mobile devices) and industry 4.0 (the introduction of robots and gadgets into production processes).

ABPMP Russia ( is a chapter of the International Association of Business Process Management Professionals. We provide individuals and organizations in Russia with the "BPM Common Body of Knowledge" (CBOK 3.0), "Process Management Specialist" professional standard, BPM education and certification based on local and international standards.

Internet of things association (IOTAS) is Russian non commercial, non governmental organization
created in December 2016.

Our mission is to increase the life quality of citizens by introduction of IoT technology in private, business, governmental, educational and municipal levels.

Association carries the membership for all interested parties, who share our values.

IOTAS has a horizontal structure built on the basement of multiple connections between interested parties.
We are not focused on any particular vertical technology, but rather trying to connect members, startups, state institutions, regulators, educational entities, industrial standards via our open expert platform.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers "New Technologies of the Gas Industry" was established in 2012 with support of PJSC "Gazprom" to unite industrial potential of the largest Russian enterprises.

The Association is called upon to consolidate the efforts of native enterprises in the area of development and implementation of advanced technologies in the production of equipment for the extraction, transportation and processing of natural gas, implementation of unified principles for the organization of production processes, standardization and unification of equipment and technical solutions, implementation of using of energy-saving technologies at industry facilities.

The Association also seeks to protect the interests of native producers according to new economic conditions, taking into account Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization.

RUSSOFT Association is a Nation wide Association of the most technically competent software developing companies from Russia. The head-quarters is located in Saint-Petersburg. In 2018 RUSSOFT unites more than 130 companieswith 45000+ of highly qualified software engineers with advanced graduate level degrees in Technology & Computer Science.

RUSSOFT Association provides the results of the regular analytical work which are received independently or together with the most authoritative Russian and international companies. In particular, the Association, since 2004, has been conducting an annual study of the software export industry in Russia.

RUSSOFT Association is the voice of the industry and an active lobbyist in the Russian Government, struggling for better taxation, stronger educational systems and for attracting State support for the international marketing.

ARPP is the largest Russian association of software producers. We are connecting the players of IT to work together on the key issues in the industry. The Association was established in 2009 by Russian developers of software. Currently, 150 companies are the members of the ARPP Association. ARPP is a reliable partner for communication and creates positive conditions for interaction and makes a significant contribution to the development of the Russian IT industry.

The interregional public organization "Association of Chief Information Security Officer" was established by the decision of the initiative group in 2010. The initiative group comprised heads and specialists of divisions of enterprises of various industries, representatives of professional public associations. Interest in creation of the Association and participation in its work expressed about 50 managers and specialists from the IS departments, including specialists from neighboring countries.

Our main goals:
• Promotion of the Information Society through effective use of information security technologies and tools in all spheres of business and social activity;
• Enhancing the prestige of information security services (hereinafter – "IS") and the activities of their managers in business and society;
• Ensuring the interaction of heads of IS services of commercial and state organizations at the national level and the formation of the Russian community of heads of IS services.

The tasks that we set for ourselves today are:
• Development of club movement of IS leaders;
• Formation and expression of the consolidated opinion and positions of professionals in the field of information security;
• Interaction with regulators on issues of information security and impact on the issues of legislative support of information security;
• Promotion of ideas and professions in the field of information security;
• Increase the level of skills and competencies of specialists and managers of information security;
• Creation in the interests of members of its own information and network security center (such as CSIRT \ CERT)
and establishing contacts with international organizations;
• Interaction with profile associations.

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